Past TCWN Scholarship Recipients

The Tuolumne County Women’s Network is looking for scholarship applicants! We have 2015 funds. Do you have a need to return to school?


2016 TCWN Scholarship Awards:

Lindsey Terry 

Lindsey’s immediate goal is to graduate law school

and eventually start her own private practice in Sonora.







Susan Zuniga

Susan’s immediate goal is to complete her Master of Science in nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner program at Samuel Merritt university.

Eventually it is Susan’s goal to return to serve our great community as a nurse practitioner. 



Florencia Baldwin

Florencia’s immediate goal is to graduate with a Masters Degree in Behavior Analysis and to follow up by taking the board exams to become a Certified Behavior Analyst. She intends to benefit our community with applied behavior analysis services (ABA)


2015 TCWN Scholarship Awards:

Laticia Renee Judah – University of Phoenix studying Human Services

Robin Grove – Cosmetology

Becky Selbee – QC Event Planner




Carolyn Haycock

Carolyn Haycock     Radiologic Technician

Candace Cormack/Johnson   Podiatrist

Jackie Matthews   Photographer

Jolene Barnes   Pharmacy Technology

Shannon Lundeen-Kreuzer    Life Coach




2011 TCWN Scholarship Awards:

Lisa Hines          Life Coach
Tera Lemons      Dental Assistant
Julie Wilson        Dental Hygenist


Lisa Hines was one of the recipients of the 2011 the Tuolumne County Women’s Network (TCWN) annual scholarship for women returning to school later in life with a gap of time since previous education.  Lisa Hines’ situation matched the scholarship criteria and is a classic example of why the TCWN gives back to the community with a scholarship. Lisa waited 15 years before returning for her Master’s Degree. In the meantime, Lisa spent time raising her son and working, as so many women put their priorities.

“Now that my son is grown up, it’s my time to reach for my dreams and return to school,” says Lisa.  As a result of the large lapse of time from school, Lisa had to re-take a basic Psychology course, even though her major was previously Psychology.  Lisa’s current degree at Institute of Transpersonal Psychology is a Global Online program allowing her to take courses during the evenings and weekends.  There was also a requirement to attend a seminar as part of the curriculum.   “The TCWN scholarship was extremely helpful to pay for these additional expenses not otherwise covered under financial aid student loans,” says Lisa. “I feel lucky and fortunate to have received this scholarship.”  This was Lisa’s first and only scholarship awarded her entire life.  Lisa plans on building a business with her degree, helping other women become EcoSpiritual Entrepreneurs, balancing pragmatic business strategies with a sense of spirituality, creativity, and sustainability.


Lynette Swanson

My name is Lynette Swanson and I was one of the recipients of the 2009 Tuolumne County Women’s Network (TCWN) annual scholarships for women returning to school later in life. After being out of college for 13 years, taking care of children, and a few bumps in the road, I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Psychology in 2008.  My husband, children, and friends encouraged me to continue my education and work towards fulfilling my dream of becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. After a short break, I returned to school in 2009 to work towards obtaining my Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy. The scholarship from TCWN helped me pay for expenses not covered by financial aid. I was extremely grateful for receiving the scholarship to help towards my education. I plan on working towards licensure after graduating, eventually owning my own business, helping men, women and children in Tuolumne County make the necessary changes to have healthy functioning lives.


Are you a Tuolumne County woman who has returned to school and in need of financial assistance to continue your educational goals? See our Scholarship Program page for details on how you may qualify and can apply for a scholarship opportunity from the Tuolumne County Women’s Network.