August Speakers


Finding Your Strength

Speakers for August are Laura Sunday and

Devon Sokyrka from the Center for a Non-Violent Community

Laura Sunday

Laura Sunday has a passion for life and building safer communities. She has 40 years of experience in designing and delivering training. Laura has tutored special needs children and facilitated the Children’s Program at the Center for a Non Violent Community’s (CNVC) emergency shelter for children who have been exposed to violence and trauma. She currently is the Director of Community Services at CNVC and coordinates Tuolumne County’s domestic violence, sexual assault and bullying prevention programs, working with pre-school aged children to adults to uncover the roots of violence and shift social norms. Her focus is on creating inclusive violence-free schools and communities by fostering authentic youth engagement and leadership development in the prevention of teen dating violence, by providing media tools, support and training to youth, educators and youth service providers. Laura Sunday’s goal is to provide community members with tools to interact in peaceful ways, resolving conflicts and investing in the next generation of leaders. Ms. Sunday is passionate about People discovering their strengths and following their dreams.

For fun, she goes on adventures in nature with her husband Scott and golden retriever, Kira.



Devon Sokyrka

Devon Sokyrka has over 15 years of experience in public speaking, and community education. He currently works with Tuolumne County Social Services, and the Center For a Non Violent Community, coordinating the Rape Prevention Education Grant, and facilitating sexual harassment and bullying prevention workshops in local middle schools. Devon’s goal is to help others uncover and develop their strengths and empower individuals to become leaders in their community. His experience as a leader in the field of Sexual Violence and Domestic Violence prevention includes presenting at national events such as the
National Sexual Assault Conference in Washington D.C. and many state level conferences for California Dept. of Public Health.

For fun, Devon enjoys making music, playing with his dog, and getting a new car whenever possible.