Dawn Kelley

Motivation and Resiliency

Dawn H. Kelly

Dawn Kelley is a local mom and traveling enthusiast. A passion for people, a passion for storytelling, a

passion for life…. an engaging speaker, a voracious laugh and a makes you feel good personality…all

descriptions people would use to identify her.


She is a certified HR Professional with 24+ years of experience. She has a broad range of knowledge,

specifically skilled in human resources management, leadership development, coaching/ supervision and

agency operations. Dawn has a reputation for being a strong, empathetic leader. She volunteers for the

Society for Human Resources Management and spent several years serving on the local Executive Board

for Central Valley Human Resources Management Association. She is the Human Resources Director for

Storer Transportation.


She has a determination to meet people where they are. To help people be heard and to celebrate their

accomplishments no matter the size…each one is taking a step in the right direction.


In September 2018, she was a featured TEDx speaker in the Central Valley speaking on Parental



She is the mom to two amazing, accomplished children, the wife to a wonderful man and a resilient

woman who has a large group of trusted friends and confidants who have helped her on this journey