This Year’s Theme 

2018 Programs

Programs are held at The Peppery unless otherwise noted.

January 17 (Dinner) The Slight Edge with Traci Emerald – @ Mountain Springs

February 21 (Lunch) Round table Q & A “People, Purpose & Passion”

March 5 – 7-8:15pm  Member Appreciation  – Restorative Yoga

March   (Dinner) “What is your Purpose?”  Mayor Connie Williams – @ Mountain Springs

April   (Lunch) “Fashion and Places”  TBD

May 22  Business Expo @ Opera Hall

June  (Lunch) “Finding your Passion”  Laura Kireg, District Attorney

July  Wine Down Wednesday @ Harte of the Kitchen

August (Lunch) “Finding your Strength”  Laura Sunday  – Center for a Non-Violent Community

September (Dinner) “Connection with People”  Margott Weltin

September 15 Member AppreciationClaudia Newcorn Workshop

October  (Lunch) Board Elections  “Youthful Brain Now” Dr. Tamara Lund, DC, DACNB

November  (Dinner) Installation Dinner  – @ Mountain Springs

December  (Lunch) Holiday Luncheon “Giving to our Community” Chris – Friends of the Library