This Year’s Theme 

2018 Programs

Programs are held at The Peppery unless otherwise noted.

January 17 (Dinner) The Slight Edge with Traci Emerald – @ Mountain Springs

February 21 (Lunch) Round table Q & A “People, Purpose & Passion”

March 5 – 7-8:15pm  Member Appreciation  – Restorative Yoga

March   (Dinner) “What is your Purpose?”  Mayor Connie Williams – @ Mountain Springs

April   (Lunch) “Fashion and Places”  TBD

May 22  Business Expo @ Opera Hall

June  (Lunch) “Finding your Passion”  Laura Kireg, District Attorney

July  Wine Down Wednesday @ Harte of the Kitchen

August (Lunch) “Finding your Strength”  Laura Sunday  – Center for a Nonviolent Community

September (Dinner) “Connection with People”  Margott Weltin

October  (Lunch) Board Elections  “Youthful Brain Now” Dr. Tamara Lund, DC, DACNB

November  (Dinner) Installation Dinner  – Seven Sisters

December  (Lunch) Holiday Luncheon “Giving to our Community” Chris – Friends of the Library