January President’s Message

Jennifer Valdez, 2021 TCWN President

January 1, 2021 seemed so far off months ago and now here we are! The 1st day of a new year that we are all hoping will bring us new beginnings, normalcy of some kind and much needed time seeing family in person. 

We have had to pivot so much this year, that I am sure we have become stronger and more resilient in ourselves, in our work and in our homes. 

Our Tuolumne County Women’s Network has also had to pivot many times this past year and I wanted to let you know all the new things that we will be doing moving forward. 

We will be doing 6 general meetings this year starting in February. Our newsletter will still be happening but we will have a different way of getting it to you. We will be starting a blog! This will allow us to not only promote you as a member more but also reach more potential new members with links to our blog on our social media platforms and website. (If you have paid for newsletter promotion that will be moved to our blog.) We will be simplifying our website to make it more user friendly and we will be planning some great fundraisers this year! 

We are all looking forward to the day we can meet in person but until then Zoom will have to do for our Network. We are still planning on doing our Business Expo, but in the fall we are hoping? Our scholarship will still be given away twice a year so make sure you look for the info about our fundraising in the early spring. 

Thank you all for sticking with our Network and being resilient through all of our pivoting!!! I am looking forward to seeing you all in person soon…. 

Happy New Year! 

Your 2021 President, Jennifer Valdez of An Occasion Florals & Planning