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Marcia VanSwoll

Marcia VanSwoll

My first ‘real’ job was at age 20 when I went to work for an Insurance Agency.  The woman at the employment agency told me –  “If you can learn the Insurance business it’s like being an RN.  You can go anywhere and find a job.”  TRUE!

Fast forward to 1980 and I found myself running a small agency for six months after the owner had suddenly passed away.  The business was purchased by this guy by the name of Phil VanSwoll. They say office romances never work…well, after a friendship of 20+ years we were married in 2000 and recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.

In 2004 I retired after helping build the agency to employing over 20 people and having $20,000,000 in sales.

It was about this time, while now living full time in the beautiful Motherlode, that I found Tuolumne County Women’s Network.  It’s been a source of many friendships, loads of fun, successful fundraising ventures and personal growth for me particularly the year I was honored to serve as President in 2013.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking and crocheting, two things I can do and have complete and total control over!  During stressful times it’s comforting to do something that you CAN control and be proud of what you’ve created.


Respectfully submitted by Jan Moberg, TCWN Spotlight Chair