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TCWN Spring Scholarship Recipients Pamela Orebaugh, Stephanie Romero, Claudia Puccinelli (Scholarship Chair), Angelica Lunsford, Debra Howard, and Brenda Souza


2018 Fall TCWN Award Recipient

Mollijoy Carter

TCWN was pleased to award Mollijoy Carter with $3,200 to complete her Masters in Education with a focus on educating traumatized children. Those who are sexually or physically abused learn and process information differently.  She is very grateful for the assistance. Here is her story.

“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mollijoy Carter. I am 46 years young, currently attending Concordia University (online) in Portland OR. I am a first generation graduate. I graduated form Columbia College in 2000-2001 with a AS Early child development, AA fine arts, and AA Liberal studies. In 2009 with the recession our family lost everything and had to regroup and make new plans for our future. I pursued my BA in neuroscience -curriculum and instruction. (brain based learning). I am now working towards my Master’s Degree in Education specializing in Trauma and Resilience. The fact my parents never graduated from high school and I have made it this far in my education, by myself- statistically; I am going against the norm. This just goes to show that “nothing is impossible, and if you can pick “always choose the adventure.”

My goal within the “Big Picture” is to open a non- profit educational consulting and advocacy service. ( Alwaysajoy Educational Services) I will have the ability to offer professional development trainings, instruction strategies, parent, school, administration , advocacy, and other services, including special education consulting.


2018 Spring TCWN Scholarship Award Recipient

Abby Sunday

My name is Abby Sunday and I am a grateful recipient of the Tuolumne County Women’s Network Scholarship (TCWN) for Spring 2018. In the fall, I will start my courses online at Arizona State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. I was originally a nursing major and had all of my courses completed to enter the nursing program when I had to take a hard look in the mirror. I realized that I was in fact, much happier and more fulfilled working in higher education. I also realized that I could still make a positive difference in the world and in my community by switching my major to sociology, which I am passionate truly about. Earning this scholarship will help alleviate the financial burdens that I will accrue as a university student. My goal is to avoid taking out student loans and finance my bachelor’s degree with applied scholarships and federal financial aid. I am so appreciative to the women at TCWN for their support and for the opportunity to be awarded a scholarship that will assist me in completing my education. Thank you!

2017 TCWN Scholarship Awards:


Arissa Carne

My name is Arissa Carne and I am a recipient of a scholarship from Tuolumne County Woman’s Network. By receiving this scholarship, I will be able to continue classes at Columbia College and obtain an AS in Human Services and an AA in Behavioral and Social Sciences. This scholarship will help me in further obtaining my goals and getting one step closer to a promotion in my career at Tuolumne County Behavioral Health. Even with working two jobs and picking up extra catering shifts it has been incredibly difficult to make “ends meet” and continue my education. This scholarship will allow me to use some of my personal finances to pay for the cost of living. I am very thankful to be able to continue my education and eventually help the mental health community in which I work in.


My name is Caitlin and I am about to graduate as a Radiologic Technologist. I became interested in this field when I was a little girl and my mom worked in the Radiology department at TGH, then when I was 16 I broke my back and was constantly having X-rays and my interest grew stronger. It was a blessing in disguise and now I am almost done with my goal. My last step is to take the National Boards for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and apply for my state license (CRT) and also take my boards for Fluoroscopy. I will be using my scholarship money to pay for the testing fees. Thanks so much TCWN for making this possible!!!




Teri Patterson

I grew up with a single mom and have worked from the age of 13. I had a loving mother who always told me I was smart and capable. But we never had enough money and if I wanted all the things other kids were given, I had to work for them. I am grateful today for my upbringing as it has taught me the value of hard work and being self reliant. I am totally self-made.

I opened my first really tiny I might add, salon in 2009. We started building my salon and by the time I had an opening date the market crashed and we were in the middle of the recession. I worked in that salon almost completely alone for the first year. But I refused to see my business die, like so many others did.  A few stylist came and went but none stuck it out.

I gave away haircuts and colors just to get clients through my door in hopes that they would like me enough to come back and actually pay me the next time. I walked up and down the streets of Jamestown and talked to the business owners to get them to come to a stylist(me) with very little experience in an unknown salon. I stopped people often in stores that looked like they may need a good stylist and gave them business cards. Little by little I started gaining a clientele. By the end of my second year I had two stylist and a nail tech. working in my salon.

During my third year in business I personally had a great clientele, but my stylist were still struggling to make a living. About that time Debby Jack, the owner of D Fine approached me about buying her salon.  I knew I had some decisions to make for myself and the stylist working for me.

Anyone who has ever gotten ready to take on a new business venture will say what I am about to. It was scared, excited, and thoroughly unsure of myself and my ability to run a salon that big.

After a lot soul searching, I took a leap of faith for the second time in less than five years. I purchased D Fine Salon with Nicky Jacka in 2017. I can’t say it’s always been easy and we have made many mistake in the last five years but I also believe we have built something that will be here in another five, ten, and hopefully even twenty years.

So there’s my story . Whew that was a lot. Thank you again for picking me for this scholarship.  I will make sure many women will benefit from my newfound knowledge. I plan on taking Micro blading classes. For those who don’t know what that is, it is a type of permanent make up that gives you amazingly realistic eyebrows. I became interested in it after working with cancer patients. Some of these women never regrow eyebrows or they come back patchy. I will be donating my skills to at least two women every year who have been through cancer treatments as a way of giving back to my community.

2015 TCWN Scholarship Awards:

Laticia Renee Judah – University of Phoenix studying Human Services

Robin Grove – Cosmetology

Becky Selbee – QC Event Planner



Carolyn Haycock

Carolyn Haycock     Radiologic Technician

Candace Cormack/Johnson   Podiatrist

Jackie Matthews   Photographer

Jolene Barnes   Pharmacy Technology

Shannon Lundeen-Kreuzer    Life Coach




2011 TCWN Scholarship Awards:

Lisa Hines          Life Coach
Tera Lemons      Dental Assistant
Julie Wilson        Dental Hygenist


Lisa Hines was one of the recipients of the 2011 the Tuolumne County Women’s Network (TCWN) annual scholarship for women returning to school later in life with a gap of time since previous education.  Lisa Hines’ situation matched the scholarship criteria and is a classic example of why the TCWN gives back to the community with a scholarship. Lisa waited 15 years before returning for her Master’s Degree. In the meantime, Lisa spent time raising her son and working, as so many women put their priorities.

“Now that my son is grown up, it’s my time to reach for my dreams and return to school,” says Lisa.  As a result of the large lapse of time from school, Lisa had to re-take a basic Psychology course, even though her major was previously Psychology.  Lisa’s current degree at Institute of Transpersonal Psychology is a Global Online program allowing her to take courses during the evenings and weekends.  There was also a requirement to attend a seminar as part of the curriculum.   “The TCWN scholarship was extremely helpful to pay for these additional expenses not otherwise covered under financial aid student loans,” says Lisa. “I feel lucky and fortunate to have received this scholarship.”  This was Lisa’s first and only scholarship awarded her entire life.  Lisa plans on building a business with her degree, helping other women become EcoSpiritual Entrepreneurs, balancing pragmatic business strategies with a sense of spirituality, creativity, and sustainability.


Lynette Swanson

My name is Lynette Swanson and I was one of the recipients of the 2009 Tuolumne County Women’s Network (TCWN) annual scholarships for women returning to school later in life. After being out of college for 13 years, taking care of children, and a few bumps in the road, I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Psychology in 2008.  My husband, children, and friends encouraged me to continue my education and work towards fulfilling my dream of becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. After a short break, I returned to school in 2009 to work towards obtaining my Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy. The scholarship from TCWN helped me pay for expenses not covered by financial aid. I was extremely grateful for receiving the scholarship to help towards my education. I plan on working towards licensure after graduating, eventually owning my own business, helping men, women and children in Tuolumne County make the necessary changes to have healthy functioning lives.


Are you a Tuolumne County woman who has returned to school and in need of financial assistance to continue your educational goals? See our Scholarship Program page for details on how you may qualify and can apply for a scholarship opportunity from the Tuolumne County Women’s Network.