Dr. Tamara Lund, DC, DACNB

“Youthful Brain Now”

Dr. Tamara Lund is a doctor of Chiropractic. She earned her degree in 1998 at the Southern California University of Health Sciences. While in college she and her husband earned their living by teaching skydiving. She has been practicing Chiropractic in Tuolumne County since that time and has earned her advanced degree in Functional Neurology. She is also a perpetual learner online at Functional Medicine University.
Dr. Lund is passionate about preserving brain health. Her grandmother had Alzheimer’s Disease and her mother also is experiencing the ravaging effects of it. She is doing all she can to be aware of the medical advances and lifestyle factors that play a roll in Alzheimer’s Disease. Helping her mother slow down the process of degeneration so she can maintain an active life and to thwart off the disease in her own brain. She developed 7 module online training program for those who are serious in preventing brain deterioration and gaining optimal brain function. Dr. Lund leads an active life style in our community by hiking, exercising and doing yoga. She is an avid quilter and enjoys putting her quilts in the local quilt show and in the fair. Dr. Lund is the president of our local Toastmasters and invites you to challenge yourself and visit Toastmasters some morning. She and her husband have 4 active children, 3 of which still live at home. She invites (drags) her children to as many of the events as they will go.